Dried Grease Stains Removal

3 Smart Tips to Get Rid of Dried Grease Stains from Carpet?

Getting rid of grease stains from the carpet is a frustrating task for those who don’t have any experience in this. It has been seen that people who try to manage such a task end up damaging and deteriorating the look or shine of the floor covering. Some of them even try to use the stain remover to clean the rugs and get rid of the dried stain. But they end up wasting their time, money, and effort. In short, removing the grease stain from the carpet is not an easy job that you might be thinking of. Therefore the best decision that you can take and go with is to hire experts to remove grease from carpets in Melbourne.

Tips to Remove Grease Stains


  • Baking Soda

The first thing that you can do to get rid of the grease stains from the carpet is to sprinkle some baking soda on it and cover it up. You can use a spoon to press the baking soda so that it gets deep inside the carpet. Leave it to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. After this, you can clean the baking soda with a paper towel. Then with your vacuum cleaner, you just have to clean the carpet. You will get to see the result. Even the experts use this natural carpet stain remover in Melbourne to deliver a great result.

  • Alcohol

You can also use alcohol to remove the grease stain from the carpet. Take one cup of water and pour one teaspoon of alcohol and liquid dish soap and mix it well. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it on the stained area of the carpet. Let the solution sit on the rug for 15 to 20 minutes. To remove the moisture you can use a vacuum cleaner.

  • Vinegar

Take half a cup of water and fill it with vinegar. Make sure that the cup is filled with 50 percent of water and 50 percent of vinegar. Mix and apply it to the grease stain. After a few minutes, you need to clean it with water. During the cleaning process, you have to rub the grease gently with a cloth or a paper towel. You will see that the grease is gone.

All these are the natural carpet stain remover that you can use to get rid of grease stains from the carpets. But if you don’t have that much time to manage this work then you should call the professionals. They are the ones on whom you can try and rely to offer you the best stain removal service in Melbourne at a reasonable price.

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