Carpet Spot Remover

Some Highly Adored Natural Carpet Stain and Spot Removers

Reputed carpet cleaning professionals in Melbourne like any other place generally for eco-friendly cleaning, so much so that their services never pose any health or environmental hazards. In most cases, they either use cleaning agents that do not contain harsh chemicals or they use certain readily available household products that will act as effective substitutes of the conventional carpet cleaning agents.


Alcohol is a fantastic alternative to conventional cleaning agents, when it comes to treating oily stains on carpets and rugs. Professional carpet and rug cleaners in Melbourne treat oily stains by vodka or alcohol. Both are excellent in breaking down the grease and the oil. The experts fill up a spray bottle with vodka or rubbing alcohol and spray the stained area. They will then leave the area like that for a few minutes. Then, they will gently rub a natural soap bar over the stain. Then they will blot the area using a white, damp cloth till the entire soap is gone. They will let the area dry and repeat the entire process till the stain is gone forever.

Baking Soda

To remove greasy and oily stains from carpets and rugs, the carpet spot remover specialists in Melbourne will use baking soda. They will apply sprinkles of baking soda. Once done, they will leave the baking soda like that for 6 to 8 hours, do the other cleanings and then come back to vacuum. Then they will remove the leftovers with a wet cloth, which is moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Borax Powder

The carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne use certain methods to remove coffee, wine or tea spills, pet stains and neutralize the odours by using borax powder. At first, they will blot the wet spills with a clean cloth. Then they will spray icy cold water on the spot and sprinkle borax powder. Then they will blot the stain with the help of a white cloth, till the stain is not more. Or they will pat the borax powder into the moistened area, and let it dry out there. Once dried, the carpet cleaning professionals in Melbourne will vacuum it up.

Club Soda

The experts will fill up a spray bottle with a club soda and use it as a natural carpet stain removal agent. They will then lightly spray the entire stained area with club soda. Then they will dab the entire area with a fresh, clean cloth. Now they will continue spraying and blotting the area till the entire stain is disappeared.


Professionals also use Cornstarch to get rid of stains on carpet. They will blot up the excess liquid, and then spread the cornstarch across the stain that is left by the liquid. The cornstarch will absorb the liquid. Once that is done, they will scape up the powder and then vacuum the area. In case the stain remains, they will spray the area with club soda and then blot the area with a white, clean towel, till the stain is gone.

While these are the major natural carpet stain removers used by professionals, they also use hydrogen peroxide, steam, salt, white vinegar, and hot water to remove various types of stains from different varieties of carpets.

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