Tips for Removing Inks Stain from Carpets Without Damaging It

Tips for Removing Inks Stain from Carpets Without Damaging It

Do you know that one of the biggest problems which the property owners face is at the time getting rid of ink stains from the carpets? They try to do it on their own by applying some chemicals or homemade remedies. But the only thing which they end up doing is wasting their important time and damaging the carpets. While cleaning the carpets on your own and keeping them in top condition is not a bad idea, you should only opt for this if you are experienced. If you know which are the best carpet stain removal products and the procedure to use them without damaging the rugs then only you must give it a try.

Now if you are thinking about how you can clean the carpets and remove the stains, then you must follow the tips mentioned below.

Things You Must Do to Remove Stains from the Rugs


  • The first thing that you need to do is blot the stain from the rugs as soon as you see it. You can use clean cloths or paper for this purpose. Try to do it smartly without applying too much pressure otherwise, the stain will get deeper inside the carpets.
  • To remove the blots you can pour some alcohol on them. Leave them for a few minutes. Make sure that you are only applying a little amount of the beverage just to cover the ink stain. After this, you should use a clean rag and start blotting again. You need to do it unless and until you see the results.
  • You can also use the carpet stain remover products which are available in the market or online. You must only apply the remover after reading the instructions which are printed on the packing box.
  • You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the stains after applying the alcohol or some carpet spot remover.
  • The use of a vacuum can help and make the process of getting rid of tough stains from the carpets an easy job. After pouring a little amount of alcohol on the ink stain you should leave it for some time. Once it has soaked up, then with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you should clean the spot gently. Remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner beforehand because it is used for dry cleaning only.

If there is any doubt that cleaning the carpets and removing the stains is not your job or you can’t get the desired results, then you must hire the best carpet spot cleaner. A company that is in the industry for years and has a professionally trained team is the one you can trust for spotless carpet cleaning service at a reasonable price.

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