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What Are the Tough Stains You Can Easily Remove from Your Carpets?

Using the carpet as floor covering is what most property owners do. They know that by laying the rugs, they can easily enhance the look and beauty of the space. However, the biggest problem they face is when some coffee, tea or ink falls on the floor covering. They find it very hard to get rid of such stains; the only reason is that they need to use the best cleaning method. They even need to hire experts for professional carpet stain removal services.

Carpet stain remover

Before you start the carpet cleaning process or hire experts for carpet cleaning services, you need to understand what kind of stains are tough to remove from the floor coverings. It would be best if you had the right idea of such a thing because it will help protect the rugs and avoid a problem.

Tips to Remove Tough Stains



If you find a wine stain on the rugs, you can quickly eliminate it by blotting the surface. Once you are done with it, the next thing that you need to do is use a mixture of white vinegar and water and clean the stained area with it. It would help if you did nothing in a hurry or rubbed the rugs with full force. However, doing so might damage the floor covering or decrease its shine. You can also use natural carpet stain remover for this.

carpet wine stain removal

Pet Urine

If you have pets, then there is a high chance that you will find urine stains on your floor covering. As soon as you notice, you must try to eliminate it without making excuses. However, you need to understand that urine is acidic and will not only spoil the look and shine of your carpet but can also spoil the environment if not attended to on time. Therefore, it would be best if you used baking soda that will absorb the liquid. At the same time, it will offset the acid and reduce the unpleasant odour.

pet urine removal

Cooking Oil

It is common to find cooking oil stains on the rugs. Leaving it unattended can create a big issue and damage the carpets. Instead, use baking soda, white vinegar or some natural carpet stain remover; you can quickly get the best solution.

The other kind of stains that you can find on your carpets are blood, tea and coffee and Other bodily fluids. Again, if you don’t have the time or skill to deal with such a problem, it is better to hire experts for carpet stain removal services.

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